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Transform your processes - Think digitalization, innovation and simplicity

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It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to increase the effectiveness in your administrative processes. By changing the way you work you can make your processes more trimmed and reduce unwanted work. It saves both time and money within in your company and simplifies your daily work. Think digital, innovation and simplicity when looking for transformation.

In many organizations there exist processes which are ineffective and time consuming, as was evident in our case. Strategic staffing and operational staffing is crucial for our business. To be able to put the right player in the right position can make difference and have a huge impact on project deliveries. During this autumn we took action and started an initiative to further improve the way we work when it comes to staffing to make us even more digital and lean in our sector. 

The initiative was a success and resulted in further reduced time consuming processes and a better comprehensive insight in the way we work.  One of the reasons behind the success was a responsive portal that is used in several different channels (web, tablets and mobile) and that centralizes necessary information concerning staffing in one place. The portal is a simple standardized solution that is very easy to implement and adapt to your own needs and available within the organization.

By introducing this tool we are seeing an increased utilization as well as a leaner staffing process. The solution itself is now a very important tool within the daily work and the impact that it has had on its users has been very positive. Today we have excellent control over project deliveries, it saves time and we can follow up on the statistics in real-time which has had a crucial impact.

So what conclusion can be drawn from this experience?
IT plays a strategic role for business in both conventional ways, such as cost reduction, and in innovative ways. This does not however mean that innovative ways cannot reside within a simple solution. There may already be tools within your organization that can help in your transformation towards implementing a more effective way of working. You don’t always have to make huge investments and build something from the bottom up. Think out of the box – think innovation. Simple may very well be the best solution.

Think digitalization, innovation and simplicity

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Gunilla Lindestreng
Gunilla Lindestreng
De digitala trenderna påverkar oss nu mer än någonsin. Ny teknik har förändrat hur vi går till marknaden med fokus på att bygga personliga relationer. Man brukar säga att content is king. Hur många ser ditt intressanta budskap? Hur stort kan ditt nätverk bli? Strategiskt arbete med dina digitala kanaler lönar sig definitivt - ökad synlighet och ökad framfång. Vad gör du för att stärka din digitala närvaro? Att till exempel ha en webbsida som anpassas till de olika enheter användaren har gör responsiv design är idag ett självklart val.

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