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You’re starting off your career and you want choices, responsibility and opportunities to keep learning. You bring the talent, and we'll provide the rest.


Choose from working in technology, outsourcing or financial services for clients in a variety of fields. We’ve also got 300 offices in 40 countries all over the world. If you’re looking for a global, multicultural business experience, it’s here.


Your career goals are constantly evolving. No problem, learning and development never stops at Capgemini, and we have the comprehensive personal development programs to prove it. Our professional training programs and Capgemini University will give you the skills you need to go even further in your career. 

Take Charge

You may be just starting your career, but that doesn’t mean we don’t expect you to contribute to projects right away. Regardless of the department you join, you’ll be part of a close-knit team of colleagues, who will rely on you as much as you rely on them. Prepare for direct client contact and a prominent role from day one.

Working as Tester

Role description

Testers are concerned with verification and validation of the products produced by the development process. This includes definition and execution of test scripts, or acceptance criteria and accurate reporting of results. Testing is carried out in each phase: the requirements are tested by an acceptance test, the system design by a system and integration test, and the programs by a program and module test.

Preferable skills for a tester


As a tester you:


  • Are careful and patient
  • Have an attention to details
  • Enjoy contact with business users
  • Are driven by high-quality output


Working as SAP consultant


Role description


SAP consultants are application specialists in a specific SAP technology environment. They have detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the software as well as the domain in which it is used. As an SAP consultant, you translate a customer’s business processes into technical designs, develop and maintain a client’s applications and systems, or work with testing or training. Developing sector knowledge is important as an application consultant has to focus on a specific business domain.



Preferable skills for an SAP consultant

As an SAP Application Consultant, you:
  • Are passionate about tools
  • Have an attention to details
  • Are driven by understanding business processes
  • Enjoy explaining things

Areas of focus

As an SAP consultant, you will specialize in any of the below areas:

Human Capital Management

Working with Human Capital Management, you will develop expertise in the SAP modules that support the management of an enterprise’s employees, such as recruitment, performance measurement, and automation of HR processes.

Finance and Controlling

The SAP Finance and Controlling modules are used for financial enterprise resource planning, such as cost accounting and predictions. Working in this domain, you will develop IT skills combined with financial understanding.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is about gaining customer insight. As a consultant specializing in this domain, you are an expert in helping enterprises boost their sales, services and marketing effectiveness using SAP.

Supply Chain Management

As a Supply Chain Management consultant, you will focus on the SAP portfolio supporting the flow of goods. You will work with technology that strengthens a client’s processes of resourcing its manufacturing and service processes.


As a consultant working with SAP Technology, you will become a master of the core SAP platforms, such as Business Objects, NetWeaver or HANA in-memory database.

Working as Business analyst

Role description


Business analysts are experts in understanding the customer’s business and its integration with technology. Business analysts analyze structure and visualize an enterprise’s current state; design and visualize the future state; and design and guide the change process from the current to the future state, in order to enable transformation and performance improvement. Developing sector knowledge is of foremost importance for all business analysts.


As a senior business analyst, you often begin your career as a requirements analyst. Requirements analysts collect and document needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product, and often conduct interviews and workshops with business stakeholders.

Preferable skills for a business analyst


As a Business Analyst, you:


  • Are a smooth facilitator
  • Enjoy clear communication,
  • Have analytical skills,
  • Are driven by the question “why?”


Working as Project Manager


Role description


Project managers take the full responsibility for managing a project to achieve a desired business result. They are responsible for the project plan, budget and staffing requirements for the delivery organizations. A project manager usually has technical expertise in one or more domains.


Pursuing a career as a project manager, your first step often includes becoming a project management office (PMO). As a PMO, you provide hands-on full support to the project manager; examples include providing project schedules, and cost and finance information to aid project control, and implement and manage effective tools and methodologies.

Preferable skills for a project manager


As a project manager, you:


  • Enjoy motivating others
  • Have a proactive mindset
  • Are driven by reaching goals
  • Can plan and organize


Working as Software Engineer


Role description


A Software Engineer designs, develops, or maintains applications or application environments. Activities include coding, integrating, implementing, installing or changing frameworks and standard components, or technical and functional application management. A Software Engineer also develops languages, methods, frameworks and tools, and/or undertakes activities in support of server-based databases in development, test and production environments.


Preferable skills for a software engineer


As a software engineer, you:


  • Have a passion for code
  • Enjoy teamwork
  • Have discipline and perseverance
  • Are driven by making something work

Area of focus

As a software engineer, you will specialize in any of below areas: 


As a Java developer, you will specialize in different Java standards.


As a .Net developer, you will specialize in Microsoft’s .Net platform.


As a Sharepoint developer, you will specialize in Microsoft’s Sharepoint platform.

Business Intelligence 

Working as software engineer within Business intelligence (BI) you will specialize in managing and interpreting large volumes of data.

Are you... 

  • Interested in working with technology to better business?
  • An excellent communicator?
  • Forever curious and continuously looking to learn new things?
  • An analytical thinker and problem-solver?
  • Attracted to multicultural, team-based environments?
  • Flexible, open-minded and enthusiastic?

Yes? Then check out our career opportunities.

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