New ERP solution in 16 weeks

  • The digital revolution is vastly affecting the manufacturing industry and there are opportunties in every part of the manufacturing value chain. [Video]
  • Unlock the potential of predictive analytics and internet of things to address the problems in the production and supply chain before you or your customer even think about them.
  • Capgemini offers SAP MFGPath – the latest technology enabling instant data analysis and full mobility on all devices – and it is possible to implement in just 16 weeks!
  • SAP MFGPath enables low TCO and offer the possibility to deploy as an OPEX solution including support, hosting and licenses.

Capgemini and SAP to address jointly the Digital Transformation needs of Discrete Manufacturing Industries through their partnership

Paris, Walldorf – Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced the broadening of their strategic partnership with the launch of “Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini,” a joint initiative to help clients in the discrete manufacturing industries to manage their digital transformation as they seek to maximize the potential of Industry 4.0, the Internet-of-Things and innovative manufacturing techniques. Click here to read the entire news.

Implications of Industry 4.0 for CIOs - our Point of View

Digitalisering inom tillverkningsindustrin – ett hot eller möjlighet?  Klicka på bilden för att ta del av en aktuell artikel, skriven av områdesexpert Anders E Nilsson.


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Digitalization at your advantage

  • The era of digitization and the internet of things revolution driven by a rapid reduction in sensor costs over the last years is rapidly transforming the way we live and work in all industries.
  • Capgemini has developed a solution for Internet of Things (IoT) and Predictive Maintenance – Proofecy – that leverage operational insights gained from the sensor data to predict potential machine breakdowns and equipment data in order to optimize maintenance and service operations. The innovative solution is built on the latest cloud technology from SAP.


Most companies and industries are in the information business, even if they haven’t realized it yet. Think of it as your own crystal ball!  With the help of predictive analytics, address the problems in your production and supply chain before they happen. Monitor machines while in performance and avoid breakdown. Offer optimization and customized service based on the environment and use of the machine – opening up new business models. Remain two steps ahead while saving cost and improving customer service.  Put your big data to use, creating new business models.


Join Thousands who Choose SAP

With more than 35 years of industry experience, Capgemini has a successful history of helping clients enhance performance and efficiency with SAP. We developed this pre-configured solution based on leading industry-specific SAP practices, along with tried and tested implementation methodologies and accelerators. Our pre-defined implementation is based on the latest technologies and scalability. MFGPath, our SAP-certified ERP solution, helps industrial and discrete manufacturing companies streamline operations through greater visibility and control of core business processes.

Your Rapid SAP Implementation

MFGPath, our SAP-certified ERP solution, helps industrial and discrete manufacturing companies streamline operations through greater visibility and control of core business processes. Our comprehensive approach accelerates SAP enablement through:

  • Clearly defined scope and timeframe
  • Pre-configured end-to-end business scenarios
  • Pre-defined implementation with a fixed price

The solution enables integrated, agile manufacturing across the enterprise thanks to:

  • Automated supply and demand execution
  • Enhanced planning and predictive maintenance
  • Performance analytics and business intelligence
  • Simplified user experience
  • True real-time analysis of transactions and data utilizing SAP HANA




To find out how MFGPath can accelerate your business, contact Fredrik Hedlund today.


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