The Fast Track to Innovation


Despite the significant opportunities that disruptors such as cloud offer, you’ll probably face some challenges before being able to materialize these opportunities.

Interview with Jane McGonigal

At the fourth What’s Now: San Francisco gathering, Jane McGonigal, world-renowned game designer and bestselling author, shared the latest in her ground-breaking body of work.




The roadblocks to innovation can seem daunting, especially to a large organization. Corporate culture is fixed and rigid, and approval processes tend to be slow and cumbersome.

Despite these obstacles, it is possible for large organizations to act in an Agile way, with all the quick responses to changing market conditions that are usually associated with small start ups.


Proofecy, a predictive maintenance solution by Capgemini.

Capgemini has developed a solution for Internet of Things (IoT) and Predictive Maintenance – Proofecy – that leverage operational insights gained from the sensor data to predict potential machine breakdowns and equipment data in order to optimize maintenance and service operations. The innovative solution is built on the latest cloud technology from SAP.


Capgemini’s cloud based solutions allow you to scale at pace with your successes. Your running costs stay low as long as usage and revenue is low. You will achieve business agility and develop new business models that help you to stay ahead of disruptive competitors. Sustainable and continuous innovation needs a base of high quality and sound engineering practices as embodied in DevOps.


Capgemini also understands that innovation itself is not enough, and that to benefit from innovation it must also be applied. Our Applied Innovation Exchange with nine locations around the world, can successfully guide you through this process.



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Applied Innovation Exchange

Availability and access to innovation are no longer market issues. Click on this infographic to learn more.

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